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VENDX Capex & Services Module

Simplify your Capex & Services Sourcing

BOQ & Activities based effortless Price Discovery

Procurement of Services and CAPEX is the most complex function with complicated & evolving techno-commercial parameters for the requirement.

Our research & interactions with various industry veterans reflected serious concerns about CAPEX & Services Sourcing due to its complex sourcing process in terms of time desired to be invested and visibility of the process for arriving @ buying decision.

VENDX Capex & Services module is arguably the only Sourcing module that simplifies this highly complex process most effectively

The Risk Associated with the Sourcing Process for Capex & Services

  • Possibility of Cost overruns due to lack of clarity among key stakeholders
  • Mismatch in expected & actual deliverables.
  • Dependency on individual knowledge.
  • Delay in project execution due to misunderstanding among stakeholders
  • Errors in costing due to extensive human dependent complex calculations
  • Lack of Accountability

Key Features

  • Facility to create comprehensive Activity / BOQ template for RFQ & expected Bid
  • Automatic computation & comparison of the total cost of suppliers based on the individual cost of activities/BOQ.
  • Flexibility to allocate SoB (share of business) on activities.
  • Facility to amend activities for ongoing RFQ.
  • Self-configurable activity templates.
  • Facilitates communication between stakeholders to seek clarifications.


  • End-to-end mapping of the process right from PR (if available) to RFP / Technical bid / Specifications Evolvement / Technical Capabilities Rating / Techno-Commercial Comparison of Parameters / Decision Making / Contract Creation.
  • Easily Configurable template engine to design complex technical and activity level parameters for most appropriate Techno-Commercial comparison.
  • Transparency in the process leads to having better control over the Project, which keeps a check on cost overruns.
  • Activity / BOQ level costing and share of the business (SOB) provides flexibility to select the most suited vendor @ activity level
  • Communication facility & logs of all communications between stakeholders concerning a specific transaction.
  • Instant access to the information & communication log repository related to any and every transaction.
  • Ease of Audit and Adaptability.


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