Contract managment module

Contract Management is critical to all businesses worldwide. As organizations expand and growth the volume of contracts also increases, managing these multiple contracts becomes a challenge and can create major problems if not tracked.

Having a smart digitized tool to manage contracts has become a necessity and not just a mere good-to-have tool. Volody Contract Management is a Smart platform to manage your contracts end-to-end and track contract status, obligations, expiry and renewal.

Artificial Intelligence enabled Volody Contract Management Software helps businesses digitize & automate their legal agreements drafting, negotiations, approval, signing, and management. Integrated with office system, email system, CRM and ERP system Volody Contract Management Software becomes an integral part of your business.

Challenges what the user faces in context of the contract management / Challenges

  • Missing workflow of contracts for drafting/signatory
  • Storage and retrieval of all your signed contracts
  • Key terms & tenure of contracts not in one place
  • Missing out on contract obligations
  • Listing of all legal contracts across functions
  • Communication gap among businesses and legal
  • Approval matrix for contract execution and adherence
  • Digital signature for paperless execution
  • Anywhere access of signed contracts for early decisions
  • Lack of smart contract management automation

Workflow Features

  • Draft Contracts from Standard Templates
  • Configure Flexible Workflows
  • Multiple Contract Template Creation
  • Customized MIS/Reports
  • Auto-Document Versioning & Audit Trail
  • Clause Specific Approval
  • Clause Library
  • Digital Signature
  • Track Obligations & Renewals
  • Active Directory Integration/Single Sign-On
  • Integration with ERP & CRM platforms
  • On-Premise/Cloud Based Solution
  • Procure E-Stamp Papers

AI & ML Features

  • Auto Metadata Creation
  • Risk Categorization of Clauses
  • Self-Learning Model for Clause Suggestions
  • Document Specific Keyword Search
  • Inbuilt Chatbot

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