VENDX Freight Discovery Module

Ideal Freight Rates discovery at your finger tip


Ideal Freight Rates Discovery at your Fingertips

With a range of freight service providers discovering optimum freight charges considering the various complexities (of multiple routes, load factors, package sizes) and modes of transport (Road / Sea / Air) is a challenge for any organization.

While the continuously evolving world demands extensive agility, these challenges take a gigantic form and negatively impact supply chain performance.

Controlling the costs while mitigating risks and ensuring supplier satisfaction with the limited bandwidth of time and complexity of sourcing is a significant challenge for Logistic Managers.

VENDX Freight Discovery Module simplifies the sourcing process and ensures competitive freight rates.

Ideal Freight Discovery made easy

  • Enables Real-time connection with your supplier of every route and mode of transport.
  • Configurable transaction platform to accommodate various routes, load, package size and, freight service providers.
  • Instigative bidding platform with insightful analytics.
  • Instant visibility of spend & aggregate rates of different routes and service providers.
  • Central Repository of all decisions.
  • Configurable approval workflow.
  • Comprehensive audit module for every decision.

Unlock the opportunities for tremendous savings

  • Logistics costs can be brought down by 5% – 25% through an instigative bidding environment and insightful analytics.
  • Simplified logistics function, leading to 65% savings of transactional time.
  • Automatic creation of all the required documents like communication trail and decision workflow.
  • Best compliance and audit of decisions.
  • Risk mitigation of knowledge dependency on Procurement team members.
  • Standardization of the complete Logistics Sourcing Process.

Customers Success Stories

‘’VENDX/ ej- buy, the e-procurement platform of MavenVista is the most critical system of our procurement landscape. With VENDX we are able to have complete visibility of our sourcing process & establish knowledge redundancy’’

Jubilant Life Sciences

Jubilant Life Sciences

Ms. Satinder Kaur GM - Planning & Procurement

‘’MavenVista as an organization has total customer orientation. The team is transparent, committed & highly service oriented to bring success for its customers and exceed expectations’’

Havmor Ice Cream

Havmor Ice Cream

Mr. Debajit Bhattacharyya Vice President - Procurement


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Ideal Freight Discovery
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