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Streamlining the Procurement Process Holistically

The business environment is getting increasingly competitive and complicated. As the compliance requirements are getting more stringent, it is high time business enterprises stop relying on the manual procurement process. Manual tools are in no way compatible with advanced business requirements. As per a recent CPO survey, almost half of the respondents are making gradual moves towards cloud procurement solutions.

An efficient cloud procurement system, like VENDX by MavenVista, eliminates the limitations of a complicated process and addresses one issue at a time.

At MavenVista, we help recreate the entire procurement experience. We bring to you VENDX – the future of cloud procurement. Our procurement domain and technology experts have come up with this innovative and unique cloud procurement solution. VENDX aims at transforming the procurement functioning of every business organization out there. 

VENDX has been a proud associate with renowned brands like Havmor, Jubilant, Parle, Diversey, Intas, Gokul, Arvind, etc. We have always been the first pick among our client base because VENDX has resulted in approximately 60% time savings in the entire procurement process. Team VENDX understands the exact requirements of a business organization and delivers tailor-made solutions.

Why Should You Count on VENDX for Digital Procurement?

  • ERP Neutral: Configure VENDX APIs without any inconvenience and exchange data easily with SAP, Infor, Oracle, etc. Integration with multiple instances of different or same ERPs is also possible.
  • Sturdy Architecture: VENDX architecture is strong enough to accommodate complicated configurations. Also, it helps in mitigating the risk of compliance failure as well. 
  • Practical & Realistic: Our digital procurement system is realistic and offers practical procurement solutions, thereby enhancing quick and increased ROI.
  • Responsive Embedded Analytics: With VENDX, one of the best cloud procurement solutions, business enterprises can get access to detailed analysis, thereby enabling buyers to come up with efficient negotiation strategies.
  • Customer-Oriented Model: MavenVista has come up with VENDX intending to create a customer-centric model. VENDX brings down the chances of risks significantly. Through VENDX, we bring you a surety of guaranteed success.
  • Swift and Responsive Customer Engagement: MavenVista ensures swift communication between buyers and vendors, eliminates chances of delays, and offers quick solutions to issues and challenges.

Revamp Your Procurement Processes to the Cloud

With VENDX by MavenVista

Want to revamp your age-old procurement process? Give it a shot with VENDX, the ultimate digital procurement system by MavenVista. With VENDX, streamline your procurement system and save your precious time and money. Get rid of the complex legacy systems and switch to a better and tech-savvy tomorrow with VENDX. Experience enhanced visibility, improved efficiency, and higher agility with us. Witness the advantages of leaving behind old, out-of-fashion and incompetent legacy systems. VENDX, by MavenVista, is indeed the face of modern procurement solutions.

VENDX Solutions

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

VendXRequisition Module
VENDX E- Sourcing Suite

VENDX e-Sourcing Suite is the most powerful digital platform to drive the best buying decisions.

VendXRequisition Module
VENDX  Cap-Ex & Services Module

Simplify your Cap-Ex & Services Sourcing

VendXRequisition Module
VENDX Freight Discovery Module

Discover optimum price for all modes of logistics

VendXRequisition Module
VENDX Q+ (Procurement Intelligence Engine)

Responsive Analytics for best buying strategies

VendXRequisition Module

Best strategies for superior price discovery

VendXRequisition Module
Vendor Portal

Discover your most suitable vendors

VendXRequisition Module
VENDX Delivery Tracking

Ensure seamless order fulfilment & superior vendor performance

VendXRequisition Module
Payment Register

Deliver best supplier satisfaction

VendXRequisition Module
ERP Integration

Securely exchange data with your legacy system effortlessly

VendXRequisition Module
Contract Management

Optimize and streamline the entire contract management lifecycle

VendXRequisition Module
VI+ AP Solution

Opti-VIVe app enables the automation and processing of inbound invoices

VendXRequisition Module
Cloud Procurement Solutions

An efficient cloud procurement system

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