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Auction Services

Best strategies for superior price discovery

Auction Services

MavenVista ‘Auction + Services’ goes beyond conventional Reverse Auction Services.

We leverage our well-designed algorithm which enriches our insight based on 000’s of auctions carried out by us to determine the most suitable strategy for a category in a given circumstance for the best Price Discovery. This coupled with our Auction Experts and highly proficient Auction Support Team ensures superior hassle-free price discovery resulting in huge savings for our customers.

Auction Services

Auctioning Strategy

Challenges Organizations Face about Auctioning Process

  • Challenge in building Auctioning Strategy skills and retaining the same
  • Risk of complacency in the design of Auction strategy as it becomes a routine process
  • Lack of access to different auctioning strategies adopted across different industries
  • Significant investment of time for creating pre-auction data and translating auction results into a contract
  • Absence of structured training and support process for suppliers
  • Non-availability of benchmark data for designing most appropriate auctioning strategy

BENEFITS of MavenVista Auction Services

  • Huge Savings due to superior design & management of Auctions.
  • Significant Savings of Time of organizational resources from managing auctions.
  • High comfort & confidence in suppliers due to assured fairness of the third-party Auctioneer.
  • Superior Supplier participation due to excellent handholding by professional auction trainers.
  • Mitigation of risk of complacency as our business model is aligned with your savings.
  • Comprehensive reporting of every auction and consolidated report every month for formulating future strategize
MavenVista Auction Services

Our Auctioning Process

Step 1
Step 1

Gathering Pre-requisites for conducting the Auction.

Step 2
Step 2

Design of strategy for a highly competitive bidding environment by ‘Auction Experts’ (AE).

Step 3
Step 3

High supplier participation through well-structured training by ‘professional trainers’ (PT).

Step 4
Step 4

Conducting Live Auctions through synchronized efforts of ‘AE’ and ‘PT’.

Step 5
Step 5

Reports and Analysis for Future Strategy and Audit Compliance.

Customers Success Stories

Case Studies

Digitization Success Stories

Read about challenges we addressed for our customers and the benefits accrued by them

Auction Services leading to hu ...
A leading cement company in India was looking for a solution which can ensure best price discovery in fair and transparent manner for its spend on Cap-Ex , logistics, various services, marketing, pack ...
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