VENDX Supplier Portal

Comprehensive Supplier Directory

VENDX Supplier Portal is the state of art Supplier Information Management platform to determine capabilities & risks pertaining to each of the suppliers of the organization & also invite new suppliers specific to a category with relevant desired capabilities.

Key Organizational Challenges We Address

  • Obsolete Information on Suppliers: Most information on vendor capabilities & sustainability is collected at the time of vendor onboarding & never or rarely updated leading to a lack of the latest information on vendors
  • Inappropriate risk mitigation due to absence of availability of desired information on capabilities of suppliers and risk matrix at the time of taking buying decisions
  • Difficult, time-consuming & complex process for evolving vendor sustainability matrix
  • Cumber some vendor approval process due to inability to collect customized category-specific vendor information to determine vendor capabilities in the context of the category & seek approval of key stakeholders
  • Lack of visibility of your organization need to potential competent vendors to increase the number of capable vendors for a category / an item for the more competitive bidding process
  • Lack of information on capabilities improvements done by suppliers to leverage the same to plan organizational future strategies leveraging supplier pool to its best

KEY FEATURES of VENDX Supplier Portal

  • Centralized Repository of all Suppliers data for the entire organization.
  • Data collection based on categories for most appropriate assessment of Vendor Capabilities.
  • Auto-generation of Vendor Sustainability Matrix.
  • Comparative Analysis of capabilities of different suppliers.
  • Mobile compatibility.
  • Self-update of information by suppliers
  • Ease of onboarding new suppliers

BENEFITS of VENDX Supplier Portal

  • Easy access to updated information of every supplier
  • Most appropriate selection of supplier post consideration of all risks
  • Competitive buying due to easy of on boarding new vendors
  • Simplified & transparent vendor onboarding process.
  • Timely actions on vendor risk mitigation.
  • Brand positioning of your organization.

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