The Next Generation Procurement Processor With Embedded Analytics

Optimum decisions are the outcome of Timely Information, Insightful Analytics & Instant Visibility on Spend.

One of its kind synchronized and responsive analytical engine which delivers on real time relevant trends of input, spend, Price trends and Unique Dashboard of behavioral analysis of vendors during the negotiations


Inside Vendx

    Powering the procurement process, VENDX comprises of various engines. These components come together to seamlessly integrate with your current sourcing environment.

Purchase Requisition Engine

  • Simplify transactions of huge volume of B&C categories of purchases
  • Improves Negotiation abilities based on consolidated spend on a specific supplier
  • More time for negotiations due to instant insight on required actions
  • Reduction of Lead time resulting into lower inventory carrying cost

Transaction Engine

  • Huge savings of time in transactional &administrative tasks and follow ups
  • Superior Negotiation strategies leading to better price discovery
  • No possibility of human errors in complex landed cost calculations and assured computation of correct total cost of ownership
  • Instant visibility on entire transaction (Ongoing & Historical)
  • Reduction in lead time to optimize buying process

Auction Engine

  • Simplifies for the buyer Pre & Post Auction activities thru automation of the entire process
  • Extremely easy interface leads to frequent usage of auctions & Active vendor participation leading to superior price discovery
  • Superior design of auctioning strategies due to flexible and comprehensive rule engine
  • Reduced misunderstanding with vendors due to track of all actions of vendors
  • Brings strategic approach thru various analytics and reports
  • Reduces administrative cost significantly

Procurement Spend Engine

  • Superior negotiation strategies with suppliers due to instant insight on volume of business offered to suppliers
  • Real time availability of spend report as decisions are taken for any spend
  • Better accountability of buyers due to instant visibility of their spend v/s budget
  • Superior compliance

Procurement Intelligence Engine

  • Instant insight on key cost variables of products bought
  • Superior design of hedging strategies due to instant availability of information on relevant commodity prices and exchange rates
  • Better Audit compliance due to one click availability of historical decisions on prices in relevance to key relevant input costs of the material

Decision Authorization Engine

  • Timely approval of decisions
  • Superior decisions due to instant availability for all relevant parameters & analytics relevant to the decision
  • Superior compliance to SOPs
  • Huge savings of time due to paperless decision approval process without involving manual follow ups & restrictions of geography centric presence of approvers
  • Superior control on budgets due to alerts to approvers/ authorizers for compromised budgets
  • More decentralization of decisions due to high level of system driven accountability

Audit Engine

  • Best possible internal control on every decision
  • Simplified Audit
  • Reduced chances of Fraud
  • Huge savings of time of resources due to painless and effortless access to all documents and justifications for audit
  • Higher comfort for honest & sincere buyers

Auction Services

MavenVista Auction Services delivers effortless assured savings.

Our strategic experts ensures selection of most appropriate categories and line items suitable for reverse auctioning and design most suitable auctioning strategies. Our experienced auctioneers ensure best response from the qualified suppliers through their highly responsive support which generates desired confidence in suppliers to provide their best bids.

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