VI+ is your central repository of collection of suppliers’ invoices & facilitates validation for processing these invoices for payment.

By digitizing the invoice collection and processing workflow & simplifying three ways matching of invoices for further processing them for payment, VI+ increases agility, ensures visibility and allow you to meet compliance standards effortlessly.

VI+ can seamlessly integrate with your ERP to ensure complete visibility to buyers and suppliers of the status of every invoice & its payment.

Key advantages of VI+

Centralized collection of suppliers’ invoices to minimize chances of missing out any invoices

Timely processing of invoices for payment and thereby increasing supplier satisfaction

Minimizes inter department coordination

Reduces the risk of overpayment and fraud

The more paper you handle, the more your invoice management processes are rife with costs, errors, and exceptions. And there’s no easy way to link them to POs, contracts, and goods receipts to help ensure compliance. By digitizing these labour- intensive tasks, your AP staff can focus on strategic activities that help improve your bottom line.

VI+ is a cloud-based invoice management solution which automates the receipt, processing, and payment of invoices. The solution enforces compliance by making it easy to match invoices to POs, contracts, and goods receipts. With faster Invoice Approval with Improved accuracy VI+ can shrink the invoice approval cycle from months to a few days by electronically routing invoices. Once payments are executed, VENDX Payment Register links the invoices received in VI+ to the payments to remittance advice, so your suppliers can easily reconcile their payments.

The solution lets you easily match PO invoices for nearly touchless invoice processing. POs that originate in your ERP software or other order management system are consumed by VI+ along with the related invoices. This helps create an efficient invoice reconciliation process. You and your suppliers have instant insight into the status of invoices and payments, eliminating the need to field supplier calls, once payments are executed.

VENDX Solutions

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

VendXRequisition Module
VENDX E- Sourcing Suite

VENDX e-Sourcing Suite is the most powerful digital platform to drive the best buying decisions.

VendXRequisition Module
VENDX  Cap-Ex & Services Module

Simplify your Cap-Ex & Services Sourcing

VendXRequisition Module
VENDX Freight Discovery Module

Discover optimum price for all modes of logistics

VendXRequisition Module
VENDX Q+ (Procurement Intelligence Engine)

Responsive Analytics for best buying strategies

VendXRequisition Module

Best strategies for superior price discovery

VendXRequisition Module
Vendor Portal

Discover your most suitable vendors

VendXRequisition Module
VENDX Delivery Tracking

Ensure seamless order fulfilment & superior vendor performance

VendXRequisition Module
Payment Register

Deliver best supplier satisfaction

VendXRequisition Module
ERP Integration

Securely exchange data with your legacy system effortlessly

VendXRequisition Module
Contract Management

Optimize and streamline the entire contract management lifecycle

VendXRequisition Module
VI+ AP Solution

Opti-VIVe app enables the automation and processing of inbound invoices

VendXRequisition Module
Cloud Procurement Solutions

An efficient cloud procurement system

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