All About Contract Management Software

All About Contract Management Software

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Your answers to the following questions will help you improve your organization’s profitability and efficiency.

Go ahead and take the plunge:

  • Does your company deal  with large number of vendors and service providers ?
  • Do you have paper contracts for each one of them?
  • Are you finding it difficult to manage the contracts in terms of timely renewals or cancellations?
  • Do you have to dedicate space for storage of large bulky files and spend precious time to retrieve and refer to them when necessary?
  • Does the legal team take too much time to draft / propose new contracts ?
  • Does procuring stamp paper in time come in the way of timely issuance of important agreements?
  • Do timely approvals within the defined hierarchy of the organisation delay issuance of agreements?
  • Are you finding it difficult to  effectively monitor where the agreements are held up within the organisation for approval / signature?

If your answers to the above questions are a resounding “YES” then it’s time your organization made the wise decision to invest in a good Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool.

Mavenvista in a technical partnership with VOLODY is delighted to offer to its customers a Contract Management Solution that will help reduce wastage of precious management time by streamlining data management and ensure smooth functioning of the business.

VOLODY simplifies the entire contract lifecycle management process with the help of automation to increase resource productivity and efficiency of the value chain.

A good CLM automation platform like VOLODY becomes a one-stop access point for any information related to contracts.

Right from the time requests are sent out by the business to the legal team for contracts the entire process is automated and this, in turn, reduces dependency on emails, phone calls, and personal follow-ups.

The tool smartly helps in legal drafting as well. A one-time effort to upload all historical contracts of 15/20 years eliminates all issues of unproductive time spent on retrieval.

Our experience in implementing the digital platform for Contract Management shows the following benefits:

  • Efficient management of contracts company wide
  • Improved communication as gaps get eliminated
  • Clear document ownership
  • Easy tracking
  • Quick decision making through easy retrieval of old records
  • Eliminate dependencies on paper flow, email and telephonic exchange

If you are looking to maximize your profits and minimize your losses through the above measures please click here right now.

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