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  • A 3 Minute Guide to eProcurement Software Selection

    While technology is making life easier and disrupting various processes in our day to day life, businesses are striving to be more agile and data-driven. When we talk about procurement, “The Sky is the Limit”. There is a continuously growing demand for scalable & easily adoptable digitization platfo

  • Life at MavenVista Technologies

    A glimpse of team MavenVista at work!

  • Mr. Suhrid Shah | CEO – MavenVista Technologies | Future of Procurement | TSC 2019

    Mr. Suhrid Shah, CEO, Mavenvista Technologies, Pvt. Ltd. presented an insightful presentation on ‘The Future of Procurement’. In his presentation, he spoke about why procurement is crucial and what factors impact the efficiency of procurement. Further, he discussed the challenges of traditional procurement and suggested necessary solutions to overcome these challenges.

  • Future of Procurement Summit & Awards 2019 | Suhrid Shah, CEO | Transformance Forums

    The Future of Procurement by Suhrid Shah, CEO, mavenVista Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Access our post-conference report on Know more about our upcoming business conferences & corporate awards, leadership summits, masterclass & workshops.

  • The Future of Procurement

    Uploaded by CPO Innovation on 2019-03-06.

  • Siliconindia Magazine

    Procurement is a highly sensitive, susceptible& critical business function which accounts for majority of spend of any organization. The passion to service its clients has lead MavenVista to build a distinct position for its solution VENDX which offers unparallel & unmatched value propositions in e-procurement domain Every percentage reduction in the cost of raw materials & supplies leads to direct positive impact on bottom line of the organziations.

  • How to Evaluate and Implement eProcurement Solutions?

    From being a Luxury, now the eProcurement Software has turned into a necessity. While the whole World is eyeing towards digital transformation, the main aim of this article is to let the procurement professionals know the process of evaluating and implementing the eProcurement solutions.

  • How does Step by Step eProcurement Adoption affect your Procurement Chain?

    Due to cost factors or because of the requirements, the organizations often opt for a ‘Mid-Way’ instead of the whole ‘Procure-to-Pay’ eProcurement Software. In this article, we are discussing on the parameters which one must consider while deploying an eProcurement Software in your organization.

  • How to Convince your Management for Investing in E-Procurement Solution?

    Are you a Procurement Professional? Are you still not using any e-procurement solution? Isn’t it’s difficult to manage & track all of your vendor quotations & approvals? Especially when the number of transactions or number of line items is huge?

  • 4 Steps Digitization of Procurement Landscape

    An Appropriate digitization plan can assist to optimize the processes, improve the quality of decisions and speed up execution of plans for cost optimization. Procurement accounts for the spend of nearly 45% to 80% of the revenue of most organizations.

  • How does Real-Time E-Procurement Deliver Remarkable Compliance and Value?

    With the continuously changing technology, it has become essential to digitize the procurement. The real-time procurement is offering plenty of benefits pertaining to the purchasing compliance and value. Here we are discussing some essential factors which the real-time online procurement will influence.

  • 11 Ways to Boost Your Procurement Efficiency – MavenVista Technologies PVT. LTD. – Medium

    Are you a Procurement Professional indulged in the purchasing of goods or services for your organization? If yes, then you might always be wishing to increase the efficiency of your procurement procedure. It is in the legitimate concern of the organization that the sourcing of commodities is done at lower rates without compromising on the quality.